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I'd like to use either an excel sheet or my Podio leads to auto-fill the fields in a purchase contract. Anybody have  way to do this? 

Yes, Globiflow (included with Podio Premium) can do this. 

Further thinking about this, I'd really prefer to go from Podio data to a purchase contract.

Hi Matt - this is definitely doable: http://www.globiflow.com/help/action-make-a-pdf.php

Thanks @Bill Carovano !

Am I reading the Globiflow "plans" page correctly? I can ONLY use globiflow if I have a Podio Premium account? I also read in the help files that it is only if you have 5 users in a premium account.

Spending my start-up dollars wisely means putting them into marketing. This may shave 30 minutes off of writing a contract, but an excel sheet to mail merge will shave 25 minutes off and its free. I'm okay with spending the money on this when I'm sending >10 offers per month perhaps, but I'm not even getting 10 motivated seller calls yet.

Are there any free methods of getting a Podio seller's details into a purchase agreement?

Hi Matt - it's no longer a requirement to have 5 users of Podio Premium to get Globiflow.  You can now get Globiflow (with unlimited actions/flows) with just 1 user license of Podio Premium at this point.

Not bad. I'll sort that out eventually. For now, I have found Podio export to Excell, Word mail merge, Print as PDF. 

This is free and lets me do batches, too.

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