Remote keyless entry on check in

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Hi folks. I’m wondering if anyone has any experience / recommendations for a door entry system where a guest can have a key code issued at check in that lasts the duration of their stay and then expires. So it would have some kind of software integration that would create a new key code and issue that code via text or email or a web page to the guest upon check in. And, that code could be entered into the device at the entry door which would unlock the door allowing access to their rental. Hopefully this is a worthy topic! Thanks, Dave

I think that's a great question, but I have no idea.  Hopefully when I bump this thread back up, someone will answer as now I want to know.  :-)

Also, try doing a search for "keyless entry" or "remote keyless entry" here on BP. 

Good luck!

You can buy an electronic lock at most hardware stores that would work. The issue with these locks is that you need to go to the site to reprogram the code.

There are several good sites online that will set you up with a lock that can be programmed from anywhere. These tend to be a bit pricey $$$$ as you have to purchase the software to run the systems remotely. It also requires the lock to be connected to the internet. 

The software is a one time cost and the locks can run from $300 and up. There is also the cost installation. From my research the base cost would be $1200 to get started. 

The software allows you to monitor every time the door is used and to "lock out" the door if the property is vacant for extended periods of time.

The higher end locks offer some tampering safeguards and can be integrated into alarm systems.

Hope this helps.

Hi David. We have an AirBnb unit that we have an Igloo Smart lockbox for. $170 and it integrates with the listing to where any new bookings are sent a pin Code the day of Check in and its only valid for the times of the reservation.

So, you could certainly use the associated app to manage the pin codes remotely. It’s been a life saver for us in making sure our guest have the ability to do a self check in.

Check out and look at the remotelock 5i. It does exactly what you want it to do. I set a time frame for the lock from anywhere in the world because it's connected to your Wi-Fi. You don't need any extra hub or anything just an internet connection. I upgraded from the Schlage and I recommend the 5i to anyone that owns an STR/VR that manages it remotely.

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