Website hosts for my company??

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I am looking to build a company website. Any suggestions on who to go through to set this up? What do I need to consider to set up a solid website?

I have gone through Bluehost, Wix, and Squarespace - all seem similar in cost. Any recommendations? Better customer service? Better price point? Better features? 

@Scott Graham

I use Squarespace for my company website. It allows for a clean looking design and is fairly simple to use. I recommend it.

I honestly did countless hours of research on this, and in my most professional opinion Host Gator is absolutely the best.

They offer around the clock customer support, a 12 month subscription can get you a discounted rate an my plan even offers a free 800 numbers that's call forwarding. 

I've been with them for years, it's user friendly and the do-it-yourself website is killer.

And if by any chance you do decide to go through them, it would be nice if you used my referral code. 

To your success!

Squarespace and Weebly seem to work out pretty well and are some of the easiest options. If you're looking to host an existing site, Dreamhost is pretty good, too. 

From my experience, all of the sites listed up till this point are good options. One big consideration is to know if pricing is going to change after the first year or so. Some hosts like to follow the cable company model of giving  you the first year at a really low rate but then your pricing goes way up after that. Also, what if you do want to scale up in the future, how much will that cost?

Another great option to consider is Amazon’s hosting services. They offer world class hosting and if you are starting off small, they have a free tier (no catch, just some limitations) so you can create a site at no cost. Additionally, you can scale up as required and as you expand, their platform gives you a great number of flexible options. You can host a completely custom made site or you can use one of their pre made sites, such as from a Wordpress template.

You can see a quick tutorial here for setting up a (free) Wordpress site in a few minutes:

Amazon Wordpress Tutorial

Its definitely worth a look!

@Scott Graham

Squarespace is very good and respected in the field.  Placester is another good option (have a former colleague that works there). It's a bit more targeted specifically for the industry.

SquareSpace is good if you are doing it from scratch. Wordpress is best if you have little understanding of code as you can find nice templates online on theme forest etc and may set it up including domain & hosting for around $80-$100. You can find lots of tutorials regarding setting up template of wordpress on your hosting account.

If you have a website ready( as on local server or something) and you are looking to just host it namecheap is better. 

I hope this helps. 

Avoid HostGator - since it was sold last year, I've had multiple clients being pressured into buying baseless "security upgrades" for bogus reasons, or they suspend the hosting. 

I just purchase Simvoly from Appsumo.

- Simvoly is just like Wix but give a lot of templates and e-commerce experience.Currently, Appsumo running a good deal and I bought it for my own use.

- Wix is great but in long run, you end up with paying more for extras.I have one site hosted here. This is good for non-technical users. 

- Dreamhost is best for single click Wordpress host.I have 2 Wordpress website running with them.

Good luck, Thanks

Hey, I am new biggerpockets and browsing the forums a bit I stumbled on this post. This is my area of expertise so I couldn't resist commenting. 

I've been a web developer for more than 10 years now and being an expert on, I see a lot of these questions about hosting. Here is a short answer to the hosting question. 

AVOID AT ALL COST EIG companies. Here is why and a list :

At Codeable, we are more than 250 WordPress experts . I see a lot of experts recommending these: 

Website builder (Build your own, simple drag and drop) : Wix + SquareSpace

Small website (WordPress or other) with regular traffic (<10 000 visits/month) : SiteGround

Managed WordPress Hosting for bigger websites and bigger traffic: WPEngine or Pantheon

I've found Wordpress to be user friendly and great for adding blog content. Their templates are clean and professional and don't require you to know any coding.

I also use ClickFunnels for lead generation. It's probably been the best tool because its SUPER user friendly and you can easily create landing pages that guide your prospects through your sales process. You can create different pages for different needs: showcasing open houses, giveaways/ raffles, loan programs, etc.

I am a DevOps and Software engineer. Right now, I can say without hesitation that Netlify is the way to go for the front end of your site. It uses github out of the box for static sites with one-click HTTPS and with form handling you can do tons more. For a small company that needs something simple that is super fast and reliable it is a great easy to maintain solution. If you need to mess around with databases and all that the something like bluehost or others would be the choice.

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