How much do you pay per lead generated from a website?

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I'm considering purchasing leads from someone who builds websites and focuses on SEO. I've already seen his websites rank consistently in the top 5 results in Google searches for "must sell house now *city name*" for several different major markets. He explained to me that once he sets up the appropriate systems, he can start generating leads for me. He expects it will cost between $100 - $150 per lead generated.

I recognize and appreciate that these types of leads are of a different quality than say, for example, direct mail leads. With direct mail, you're pushing yourself onto the person who may or may not want to sell. With this type of internet marketing, you're generating leads that you know are looking to sell and could very well be motivated because they sought out you - not the other way around as it normally works with most forms of direct-to-seller marketing.

Has anyone had experience buying leads like this before? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!

Whats up @Dan Turkel ? Is it $100-$150 per lead that goes under contract? If not, I would find and talk to other investors that have purchased leads from him. You could even ask him for success story type references. 

@Allan Rosso , how's it going man! Good to hear from you. 

No, it's simply the cost per lead. I actually just sent a message to someone he's worked with in the past the second you responded to this post. Hopefully the reference has good things to say!

Its going good dude, thank you for asking!

Yeah definitely hope the reference comes back good. Glad to see you're making moves! 


I’ve heard of people having great success with buying these types of leads, but I’m sure it’s still a hit or miss, costly one at that.
I would imagine you’d be getting wholesaler’s leads as well in those lists because when I started out, one of the first things I did was reach out to all the top searches for “sell my home for cash” sites in my city.

@Jonathan McGee , it turns out that this individual does not yet have a website in my market (or state, for that matter). You bring up a good point though... perhaps it would be worthwhile to sign a contract ensuring exclusive access to the leads generated via the website.

@Dan Turkel That is way too expensive. 

Best advice is to build your own site and pay a professional to set up (and monitor) a paid search / ads campaign that targets your niche. Do some deals, build your brand. Before long there will be organic leads.

The model you are considering using is an endless cash going out cycle.

I am from Lead Generation Industry so yes they can be that costly but it has to be "exclusive" to you otherwise they are of no use if it's sold simultaneously to other buyers like you. They do work only if they are validated (phone number, email etc) by some mean to cost that high. Otherwise as @Tom Gimer suggested it is always good to build a new website and run PPC, FB ads and generate leads via that or hire someone for those services. 

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