Anyone using the Redfin or Zillow App?

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What do you think of the Redfin or Zillow application and how do you use them? Does anyone have any suggestions for other property listing applications? I am looking for an application that allows me to see real-time listings as I am driving around or out and about in general.

I use both and find Redfin more reliable although it doesn’t cover all areas. I also use Realtor app.

@Jonathan Pflueger gets updated fairly quickly. Zillow lags behind and doesn't get direct MLS feeds as far as I know.

What ever you do though, do NOT rely on Zillow's "zestimates".  They are legendary among real estate agents for their inaccuracy.

In my market (Boston, MA), Zillow's own claims state that their zestimate is withing 20% of true market value 80% of the time.

What does that look like?  Pretty shocking, if you ask me.

On a $500,000 home, Zillow's valuatin is within $100,000 of the actual market value 80% of the time.  That's awful.

Worse, that means that 20% of the time, they're off by more than $100,000.

This is where a good real estate agent will earn his paycheck.  Someone who knows the market will get you comps you can actually rely on.

@Jonathan Pflueger , I like to use all 3, Zillow, Redfin and Trulia apps when out and about scouting available MLS properties. I personally like Redfin's mapping UI better but I think Zillow/Trulia have more data available from my perspective.

I personally like to use though when I'm sitting at my desk looking for properties as I believe they are the most accurate representation of the MLS once Rupert Murdoch purchased the company back in 2014.

Hope that helps a bit! ;)

@Jon Crosby

I have not used very often, I have found Redfin easier to use/user friendly. I will look at it again and re-evaluate, thanks for the suggestions. 

@Jonathan Pflueger as an active investor in LA, Redfin works much better for us. Feel like the Estimated value and comps are better and easier to understand.

All the best!


@Shawn Ward

Thanks, Redfin seems like the App to go with. Although I do like the "guesstimate" Zillow has for my properties better than most of other apps, it's accuracy is a whole other story!

@Jonathan Pflueger
As a realtor I suggest using the Realtor app or have an agent send you comps or the information you needs. You can’t go wrong with the MLS

Cheers !

I use Zillow 10 or more times per day

I use both the app and the Zillow app.  I like both of them.  I like that the app lets me know better when homes are under contract but I like that the Zillow app shows for sale by owner properties.  I have purchased several properties using both of those apps.

I use Redfin more often than Plus I like the fact that Redfin also contains the sold prices too which are fairly accurate.
I use Redfin more often than Plus I like the fact that Redfin also contains the sold prices too which are fairly accurate.

Great question @Jonathan Pflueger ! I used both apps and here is the reasons why:



-I prefer the layout and find it easier to use

-If you search by property type it has a specific "multifamily" option

-Built in mortgage calculator that shows cost breakdown of principal, interest, taxes, insurance, and PMI (I have compared county tax records to what realtor has and they have been accurate >90% of the time) - the cost breakdown makes it easier for me to analyze deals


-No search by keyword function



-For sale by owner (which someone already mentioned), foreclosures, auction properties.

-You can filter properties by searching listings with keywords. For instance, I can search properties with the phrase "mother in law suite" and it will show all properties with that phrase in it's description. Which is great for finding house hacking potential properties. 


-No specific "multifamily" property type. It is lumped in as "condo/co-op" so you will have multi-family properties lumped in with condos. 

-Seems to be buggy and crashes often when I am on certain computers. 

As far as real time listings, I have seen properties come up for sale on realtor first and zillow second and vice versa. But I have heard that the listings on Zillow generally take longer to update. will search around you while parked in a car. When a realtor lists a house on the mls they can choose whether or NOT the listing is sent to syndicates like, zillow, etc. Redfin is an actual broker with a mls subscription so the solds data is accurate, meaning true data straight from the mls. I am not sure if their ap is a syndicate or if it links directly to the mls. But any realtor will set up search parameters and send you auto results for new listings. It is uncommon for realtors to not allow syndicates to list homes, free advertising. But it happens. Low priced fixers that the listing agent doesn’t want a lot of hacks contacting and wasting time, etc.

I use Redfin, Zillow & Trulia.

I find the Redfin app to my favorite. It's the best layout & very user friendly. It seems to be the most accurate of the 3.

Trulia is second. I like the crime map & maps overall.

Zillow is all over the place, but I do like the fsbo & foreclosures. I also like the rent zestimates, but they tend to be $50-100 too high.

Zillow and Trulia scrape the MLS and do not have direct access to it. Redfin and Realtor have direct MLS access and will be the most accurate.

Redfin is more user friendly and easier to use and sort. Zillow loads pages slower and gets bogged down, but is better for seeing rentals and helping you separate FSBO and regular listings. Trulia has a somewhat useful crime map function.

Redfin has become my go-to. Very clean format, really like the feature that allows you to scroll through pictures immediately from the map view rather than having to click on each individual property's actual page. I will cross reference with app when needed, and use Realtor where Redfin does not have access, location-wise. Zillow is my last resort...but do like it for FSBO of course. Finally, use Trulia Rentals to get quick crime reports and rental averages data.


Thank you very much for all the feedback, really great stuff. 

@Marian Smith I had no idea that Redfin was was an actual broker, very interesting. 

Redfin, all day. I've never had any agent show me a property listed on MLS that I had not already seen in Redfin. Realtor has never worked out well for me. I find it to be clunky and it does not show all the listings that Redfin does in multiple areas where I regularly search. Redfin also gives good estimates for what a property is worth based on comps....unless you bought on auction, that throws off estimated property value for some reason.

Zillow..only use it to possibly find additional pictures of properties that are not posted on other sites.

Trulia...similar to zillow...I look for any additional photos that might not be on other sites....and the crime map, I like that.

Zillow should be called Zilchow.

Blows for dollar amounts

Love trulia crime map

Redfin and realtor seem best

I call agent friends for accuracy

@Jon Crosby as far as data goes, I'd say Redfin wins it... If you're on their desktop version you can export all data to .CSV and slice, sort, and chop any way you want. That is a huge function in my book. 

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