Podio Workspace Improvements

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I'm hoping to come across someone interested in sharing their Podio workspace with me.  I'm willing to pay at this point for a workspace that will satisfy all of our needs.   We currently use investorfuse but there are a ton of additional features we would like to see in addition.  Although that product is great for follow up and wholesaling, we are looking for a workspace designed to also manage rehab projects and rentals, as well as a better place to keep track of our private lenders/coaching clients/agents etc.  Investorfuse only offers a spot for cash buyers.  Does anyone have a recommended/consultant that may be able to set this up?  

@Collin Goodwin and @Michael DeFrancisis have offered great podio opinions in the forums.  I haven't used their products yet.  A new CRM is on my agenda as well.  We tried Investorfuse but it didn't work for us.

Would love to know what you finally come up with when you finish!

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Thanks @Elizabeth Wilson@Josh Humbert I would be happy to discuss it with you!  Please private message me and I'll share my website with you that you can see the product information at.

I'm also copying in @Nick Baldo because he offers turn key Podio systems for Property management as well as rehabs, and they tie nicely into my system for a full turn key platform.

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