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Hi all, just wondering if anyone has an app recommendation for scheduling showings with my on site guy. I’ve currently got 4 units I’m advertising and keeping the where/ when straight is becoming a bit of a hassle for me. Was thinking about setting up a simple WordPress booking site, and I’ve downloaded a couple apps like Cozi (literally just downloaded it) and was thinking about setting up individual properties as “family members” etc but... love to hear what’s proven as easy and simple. I’ve got 11 total units so the big software options aren’t really what I’m looking for. Thanks!

Account Closed Look at using - it syncs to your calendar and let's people book meetings on your calendar. I use it all the time for scheduling meetings. Its easier than the back and forth of when are you free, and here is when I am free.

The other things I did a while back with my rentals that I self manage is, I rarely do appointments. I set one or two blocks of times for an open showing. Friday from 5-7pm and Saturday 9-11am. This saves me and staff time from driving multiple times to properties, it prevents wasting time in the event of a no-show, and I found it creates a sense of urgency in potential tenants as when they come they see other folks looking at the unit. 

So far what I do is set ~1hr and schedule in that time... it when there’s 7 groups expected vs just 1 I want to be able to indicate that as I’m paying my on site by the hour.

I’ve used doodle for meetings and it works well but I want something that basically just bings his phone when I alter the schedule without me having to text every time.

I’ll definitely take a look at what you’ve suggested. Thank you.

Since you are paying someone hourly to show the home, schedule an "open house" and let people come and go as they please during that time. This also helps motivate renters because they see other interested parties and feel the competition.

I’ve done the open house thing. I much prefer to approach it as an hour timeframe and book them in 10 min intervals. This creates that overlap on a bit more consistent basis. I also require confirmation 2 hours prior. No confirmation call/ text = no showing. And every time I book someone I let them know that. This way if there’s only two groups scheduled my on site guy knows this and goes home after #2. I also like the “responsibility” aspect of forcing a confirmation event as if they can’t remember to confirm they won’t remember it’s rent day. When people forget I cut them from the list.

I’m looking to streamline, just not at the expense of leaving my guy standing there with no arrivals for an hour.

Currently testing effectiveness of google calendar with the on site guy set as editing access. Notifies both phones when either of us add an event. Alerts set ___ mins prior to start time. So far so good


Has anyone over here tried any software/app other than calendly?  Something that also does online applications and credit checks etc?

I have something that might be helpful so just trying to learn what's out there...

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