I hate "house hacking".

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I hate everything about the phrase "house hacking". EVERYTHING! The term "house hacking', in my opinion, is derived from the internet culture of hackers; hackers hack websites in order to gain unfair advantages. The same philosophy is apparently being applied to real estate but the internet and real estate are not remotely comparable. The internet is not one physical location but an amalgamation of locations whereas real estate is a specific place in the universe. The internet is made of 0s and 1s whereas real estate is made of concrete, glass, metal, wood or other tangible materiel. You can't hack a house and stay within the local zoning ordinances because the term "house hacking" implies you're black hat. Please find another term for "house hacking" because it makes you sound like an amateur when you use it. The phrase "house hacking" seems to be used on BiggerPockets more than any other site on the internet. In fact, a search on DuckDuckGo reveals BiggerPockets to occupy the first two results when searching for the phrase "house hacking". Maybe use the phrase "owner-occupied multi-family investor" instead? GET OFF MY LAWN!

Don't be a hater

Get off your lawn, indeed! 

I think you're falling victim to a generation gap. Among many younger people, "hacking" has long since ceased to be solely about computers. Moreover, in the software community, "hacking" is not black hat activity at all; it's simply the job of putting software components together to build something useful. 

The nefarious connotation you imply simply isn't mainstream.

I'm as big a critic of misused language as anyone, but in this case, I think your understanding of the term "hacking" is out of line with the rest of society's.

Tell us how you really feel , lol .

I’m guessing you hate the terms life hacking , Growth hacking too ?

@James Free You did a great job describing the Fundamental Attribution Error; it's one of the more common cognitive biases. 

Though I have no idea what @Jonathan Bowen means when he says "I never identify as a victim" Maybe a bit of a Straw Man or a Red Hearing fallacy?

Hate the game. touche. well played.

@Jonathan Bowen There are a lot of catch phrases created by the REI Guru's created to make something not as appealing to become mor alluring, the term House Hacking is one of those catch phrases, at the end of the day nobody wants to be an investor who landlords via a connected wall, it's out of circumstances presented at that time in their investment career. I got started in the Private Equity sector and REITS, every time I see a post with the term Multifamily in it, I immediately think multifamily over 100 units, however on BP not knowing the exact number I'd probably guess 97% of the post titled multifamily are actually post about Duplexes, Tri-plexes, and Quads, which are terms the Guru's have steered away from since using the term multifamily will get you more attention. Think if you posted stating you had a duplex in Ohio and were looking for an investor to partner with, versus a post stating you have a multifamily project in Ohio and you're looking for an investor, it's the same $80k duplex just smoke and mirrors taught by guru's, these are simply tactics being sold during weekend seminars, books, and Podcast.

Instead of "owner-occupied multi-family investor" (OOMFI) since this is also used with SFHs and condos how about we call it "Mortgage Regulation Manipulation Investor" (MRMI).

 Since the intent from the get go is to actually purchase as a investment property and the owner occupation is really just a manipulation of Mortgage regulations this would be a more accurate description of that intent.

@Thomas S. Awesome description! Not sure if the Guru's will buy-in and use your new term but it's true.

Yeah I remember when I was younger , if you called someone a “computer geek “ or “geek” it was an insult . Now it’s hip to be a “geek” or working with technology .

Sorry. I can't hear your complaints through this giant stack of cash my house hack has made me LOL

I think this post should be moved to a different forum, one named: "firstest first world problems of all time" 

@Thomas S.
When are you releasing the “Ultimate book on Mortgage Regulation Manipulation Investing” ?

I still have visions of War Games when I think of a hacker or hack. That was an 80s movie that almost started WWIII because Mathew Broderick hacked the Pentagon on his computer with a dial up modem.

House hack, credit hack, life hack are terms still hard for us Xers to digest. A hack is someone that half-butt does stuff, or used to anyway. What a hack. That rat contractor did a hack job on my bathroom. I'd never hire that hack. You get the idea.

So... as much as I agree the original post here comes off as whiny maybe, we can't just all the sudden change the meaning of hack to a clever shortcut. It has roots in dark hats and shade.

We've had our house hack for 11 years.  We used to call it a home with rental income.  HWRI?

@Steve Vaughan Do. You. Want. To. Play. A. Game? 

My favorite part of watching that movie now is Matthew taking the phone and putting it onto on a modem to connect!

Originally posted by @Mindy Jensen :

@Steve Vaughan Do. You. Want. To. Play. A. Game? 

My favorite part of watching that movie now is Matthew taking the phone and putting it onto on a modem to connect!

 Ha! I bet half to 3/4 of the people who read this thread wonder what in the hell you are talking about :D . Back before he was Ferris Bueller, which itself elicits another set of "Who?"

Anyway, back to the original post. "What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other word, would smell as sweet". Is the terminology really that important? It's just a way of youth-speak. I've heard life hacking, credit card hacking, airline mile hacking, etc. As long as we know what you're talking about, I just don't see how it matters. 

The term, like other "hacks", does bring back memories of 2600, Captain Crunch and Kevin Mitnick etc..but the word has evolved. That being said I do have some discomfort using the term because it's relatively new (to me) compared to shows like McGilivray's Income Property which lead me to purchase my current "house hack".

"owner-occupied multi-family investor"

Like Sweet Brown said, "Ain't nobody got time fo dat."

OH MY! What a way to start my day! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

So, wait, wait, let me get this straight: you are calling on the BP council and all BP users for a consortium to effect a name change with immediate effect because YOU hate it?!!! Stop playing 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

If you call a tail a leg, how many legs does a dog have? Just sayin'.

@Jonathan Bowen I love the banter Jonathan lol 😃

Perhaps, we might get Brandon to coin a newer friendlier term lol

The term "house hacking" has zero relevance to the action being taken. 

House Hacking is the accepted terminology only because it sounds cool.

"Don't ask, don't tell mortgage fraud" doesn't have the same impact.

Maybe "loophole investor" would work.

As a golfer, being called a hacker is not a good thing. But I like the term “house hacking” because it’s simple and most everyone knows what you mean.

Among my least favorite words are “athleticism” (how about athletic ability instead) and “actually”. Did you actually go to the show or did you go to the show? It’s like people feel the need to add it when they really mean it, as opposed to when they don’t mean it or are being dishonest.

As someone said, first world problem. On to something that’s actually important like reading about yesterday’s demonstrations of athleticism in the NCAA tourney.

Proabably not cool to come into someone’s house and poop on their floor...

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