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Do you have any recommendation for a budget/personal finance app?  

I am shopping around for an app that gives me a visualization of how my budget is doing.  I would consider paying a small ($5~$20) monthly subscription fee if the offered features make sense for the cost.


I have been using Mint to keep track of my financial traffic. I have my saving, checking, 401k, investment (acorn), and credit card accounts tracking in Mint. Currently, I don't have any REI account, but hopefully I will soon so I would like this app to be able to keep track of REI as well. I know that Mint can keep track of how I am doing based on the budget I make, but it seems not very clear to me how Mint is categorizing activities in accounts.

For example, I have an automatic withdraw from my checking account to an online saving account.  Mint defines the transaction in checking account is in negative and positive for the saving account.  I assume that the net cash flow would be zero since the transaction is just simply moving one account to another and unlike bills, it is a saving account rather than an expense.  So I don't really trust "income/outcome" numbers presented in Mint and I would love this app to be able to show my net worth, cash flow, auto budgeting based on my income/expenses, financial advise based on my budgeting/income/expenses.

I like the idea of putting my budget in autopilot mode, an feature provided in Pocketguard.  I also like analytical information provided in Personal Capital.

I would love to know if you have any recommendation or thoughts on a financial tracker app.

Thank you!

Man, you must be the Dougie Howser of real estate. Be lookin like you found the fountain of youth.

Personal Capital already can track your real estate value and consider that into your assets/net worth. Can pull the numbers from Zillow's zestimate or you can manually enter them.

I don't like tracking my budget day to day; it's depressing. Kind of like wearing a watch and watching your life tick away...

@Masashi Borges-Silva Personally, I don't use an app, I use old fashioned excel to record and keep track of my spending... Best of luck! Knowing where your money is going is a great way to know how to reduce your spending and increase your savings.

@Masashi Borges-Silva Call me old school, but I still think Quicken/quickbooks is one of the best out there. Largely because its proven and reliable, you don't want to start with a software and then all of a sudden the company goes under or the app stops being updated and becomes obsolete

@Aaron Hunt I wasn't sure who was Dougie Howser so I had to look him up.  haha  Now I see what you are saying. :)  I am so eager to learn because it is so challenging and fun!  I am treating this like an RPG in real life to see how far I can push myself to achieve goals.  

I agree with tracking everyday is not fun either.  I actually noticed that Mint on desktop version gives me little more control that I was underestimating its features.  I actually discovered that the transaction categories can be modified and create a rule based on type of transactions.  I was using iPhone only and I didn't realize that desktop version has more control!  So I just finished my budgeting and now I have a baseline to adjust for my financial independence!

@Fradel Schaechter Thank you for your input!  I used to use excel every month before as well.  As I mentioned above, I have a better idea of my money flow.  Now it is time to engineer the flow of money! :)

@Vaughn Smith   You have a valid point.  If the platform I choose is online base and if it is no longer available, then I have no access to my budget...  I have a lot of options to choose from and I will keep it in my mind!

Thank you all for your input and time to help me with the question!! :)

@Masashi Borges-Silva I use Personal Capital and I love it. It puts everything in perspective for me. You can set your financial goals and make budgets. Everyone has their own preference. You'll just need to try them out and figure out which one sticks.

I am personally in awe with the BankBazaar App. It helped me keep track of my account balances and expenses. Not just that, I could even track my credit card bill payments and EMIs with regular reminders too.

This app has also been recently listed as the Best Finance App at the ICL Awards 2018 - 

Best Mobile Apps Listed At The ICL Awards 2018

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