Any suggestions for a good IDX website solution ?

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I am a new agent (real estate investor for almost 20 years) and I am planning on getting my own IDX feed through my broker. (I also have an internet advertising background and I plan on doing a lot of advertising online to get leads.) I started looking at companies that provide nice costume sites for the IDX feeds. Has anyone here used a company that they were happy with or can recommend a good one to use? I am looking for a site that has a nice professional presentation and easy to use, on the same level as zillow, etc. (not an outdated site that looks 10+ years old) and that also focuses on getting pages spidered, SEO friendly.  I am willing to spend money and have looked a one in particular that looks really nice but costs $5,000 setup and $300 - $500 a month but I would prefer to not spend so much if they are comparable alternatives at a more affordable price. Before I make a decision I would love to hear some feedback from others who have their on IDX feeds and have used a company to create their site. Thanks in advance. 


Personally I used Realtyna’s organic IDX for my Wordpress website and I was quite happy with the results.

This product has benefits, especially for new agents/brokers, as it gives you the chance to have powerful website constructed on a budget.

One of the main reasons why I recommend this product is that it’s Search engine optimized.

I had just developed my real estate website when I used this provider. At the beginning, the main challenge for me, just like the most agents/realtors, was to get noticed fast, in order to close more deals. This SEO-friendly product did it’s best to help me step up.

The SEO features include unique urls, indexable listing pages and metadata/keywords, which helps you achieve your results really effectively.

On the other hand, this product offers you data control, which is really useful. It basically gives you the chance to choose what listings to import.

For example. If your business focuses on something particular, then this is absolutely the right choice for you.

I would also like to mention that this organic IDX includes lots of customizable widgets, like search bar, sort options, property gallery, featured agents etc. To my opinion, being able to customize is really important when it comes to your website, so this feature also seems very important for me.

I hope this was informative.

Wish you luck with the website! 

@Will Sifert