Amazon Alexa BP Podcast issue with episodes

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I know of two ways to listen to the BP and BP Money podcasts on my Amazon Alexa Echo Dots. 1. “Alexa, PLAY Biggerpockets podcast.” ‘Response: Getting the latest episode of BiggerPockets podcast...’ {as of a few weeks ago, defaults to episode 295 - it seems stuck} 2. “Alexa, OPEN BiggerPockets podcast.” ‘Response: I’ve found a few matches. Do you mean BiggerPockets, or BiggerPockets Money.’ {Plays the most current podcast - which is 299 - four episodes have elapsed since the ‘play’ command stopped working.} Is anyone else having the same issue? The problem may have occurred after installing the Biggerpockets skill on the device. How do I report this issue to BP’s tech support team?

Hi Doug,  #1 is using TuneIn.   #2 engages the full-featured BiggerPockets and BiggerPockets Money skills.   The issue with #1 is likely because there are 3 different versions of BiggerPockets out on TuneIn.

As a tip, you can get to the custom BiggerPockets / BiggerPockets Money skills directly by just saying "Alexa, open BiggerPockets" or "Alexa, open BiggerPockets Money".   

Let me know if you run into any issues with the custom BiggerPockets / BiggerPockets Money skills.