New Connected Investors PIN? Opinions? Game Changer?

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I’m wondering if anyone has purchased and looked into the New Pre MLS that connected investors just realeased. It seems too good to be true and is pretty pricey for someone starting off but I could see how it could be well worth it. Opinions???

Hi Jason-

I might pull the trigger on the subscription this week to see if there is any value to this platform.

The public record data seems to be available from other sources I am already using, like Rebogateway.

I'll update you if I find any value with the platform.

Stay tuned!



What's the difference between the PIN and Pinpoint profits software Connected Investors was selling?   Why do these companies feel like they need to charge so much, especially upfront?

I would recommend you checkout this thread on Pinpoint Profits & Connected Investors for your reference:

When a presentation STARTS OUT with exaggeration, my guard goes up.  Right out of the gate, the presenter said he previewed FIFTEEN THOUSAND something-or-others.  A thousand of anything would take weeks if not months, so 15,000 would take years.  Sorry...too much hype...too many unbelievable claims...too little proof.

I will say this:  that's one of the best WebinarJam presentations I've ever seen.  The graphics are awesome.  

PiN is just the new name they are calling their Pinpoint Profits software. It looks intriguing but based on what others have said regarding Connected Investors it makes me a little skeptical.  I'd need to see some verified success from actual users before I would consider getting involved.

I would check out this thread @David Robertson mentioned...

Originally posted by @David Robertson:

What's the difference between the PIN and Pinpoint profits software Connected Investors was selling?   Why do these companies feel like they need to charge so much, especially upfront?

I would recommend you checkout this thread on Pinpoint Profits & Connected Investors for your reference:

@Ross Hamilton

Any "revolutionary new real-estate investment service" that expects to bilk me out of thou$ands of dollars, up front, without offering a limited free-trial sends goose-alarms down my back and will get my spidey-sense tingling faster than a hound-dog licks its rear.  

Sorry.   Pass. 

(Would a 10 or 15 day free trial kill ya? If you're so confident in your product.... )

@Brooklyn R. I was able to extend my 3 day refund period, but did decide to go ahead and cancel. Received a phone call wanting me to stick around and was eventually promised a refund. This was Friday night. It is now Wednesday of the following week, and they have disabled PiN, but I have no refund, and what's worse, no response after emailing support for 3 days in a row. Sad thing is, I already am subscribed to deal dog, and the really flip, and dealinsite, which the website was easy to set up and I like it, but getting no response after dropping coin like that, it's a shame. It turns out my title company offers an app that works nationwide, and I can farm neighborhoods, and for 3.99 it will pull up properties with the equity and time criteria making them most likely to sell soon. I'm a Realtor, so I also have access to the MLS, and have a son in another market I look at with MLS access, and a pretty good realtor in the market we have flipped in. @Ross Hamilton , can you please check into why there is no response from your team. Sorry @Brooklyn R.don't mean to hijack your thread, but if this is the feedback, you probably want to know so you don't end up like me. I thought it would be a time saver, but it's not in my opinion, and extremely expensive.

I just received an email from support stating that my refund had been processed so I should see it soon. Would be curious as time goes by how everyone else feels about PiN, and if they find it to be worth the money spent. 

At this point, I have used one list that provided a lot of bad info (pre-foreclosure) and cost about $300 for the mailing.

I'm a bit gun shy to send out another mailing based on PIN data. The support has been subpar, and while the sales pitch was great, the actual performance has been lacking. 

For $1500 for the first 6 months, then $79 monthly, I am unsure if I got ripped off or not at this point. I may send out 5000 postcards and see what happens. That's an $1800 gamble with this software.

I signed up for PiN Jan. 31st and have until tomorrow to cancel and get my refund. I am running data exports and testing the data today. So far, I definitely see some bad data, but that is expected with any data mining tool such as this. As I get more measurable results about the accuracy of the data, I'll post on here. If I can't get a comfort level on if the data is accurate, I will cancel tomorrow. I'm running searches for the Denver, CO metro area and Orland, FL area. If you are aware of any properties that meet any of the following criteria in either of those areas, let me know ASAP and I'll cross-reference to see if the data is accurate. The properties that pull up in the export include the following: Vacant, Probate, Bank Owned, Not in Foreclosure (but Vacant or maybe Probate?), or "Certificate Of Purchase/certificate Of Foreclosure Recorded".

@Stephanie Southerland Thank you for your feedback. I'm curious about the app you have access through your title agency. Are you able to get access because you're a Realtor? Also, how has deal dog, really flip, and dealinsite worked for you?

I found too many errors in the PiN system for me to feel comfortable trusting the data.  I wish I had an easy way to validate the Probate data since they seems to potentially save the most time for those leads.  I requested a refund within the required 3 day period, but have yet to hear when I will get my refund.  The original sales person I talked to has only sent me emails requesting time to correct the errors I found.  I declined.

The following are highlights of some of the data errors I found:

- REO (Bank Owned) data seemed wrong to me based on my searches in a county system where I am familiar with their foreclosure documents.

- I couldn't confirm any of the phone #'s provided.  The only one that responded to my text said they had not heard of the property owner and that they had the same phone # for 15 years.   

- Some of the data in the exported data is clearly wrong, such as numeric values for some of the counties instead of names of the counties.  

- A field titled "Vacant" with Yes or No values sometimes conflicted with another data field titled "Occupied".  For example, how can it be Vacant Yes, but Occupied Yes?  There were many of these that conflicted.

@Sheri Lowrance

Thanks Sheri. This detailed, thorough write-up is an extremely useful, if unsurprising, review. Oh lord, why is it that the "fanciest," most "expensive" products - especially the ones that expect you to fork out thousand$ up-front  -  are the most useless? 

So I took the leap, thinking the software would save me a lot of time.

Using the Pin software, I located and visited a couple of homes in Marco Island, FL.

There were two homes on the same street, both listed as “bank owned” and “vacant”.

As I’m standing at the front door of property #1, the door opens & I am greeted by a very forgiving woman. I explained myself & blah blah blah... point is, huge embarrassment. Property #1 is in a family trust (obviously not vacant).

Property #2, the woman (at property #1) said “I just saw them last week”.

That’s two strikes.

“Deal dog” daily email sends me the same crap from Craigslist (other wholesalers listing properties) and (exclusively foreclosure auctions).

My three day cancellation window has passed, but one more strike (testing again tomorrow), and I will fight tooth & nail for a refund.

Not happy thus far...  perhaps moreso disappointed because the business model truly is brilliant. Really wanted it to work. 

I will update after third try.

Scott & fellow investors: don’t do it.  Save your money.  Customer service is unwilling to refund anything on, essentially, a defective product. 

None of the leads they have provided are correct.