How accurate is Roofstock’s analysis?

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How accurate is Roofstock’s analysis? I’m highly suspicious of their numbers, but since they don’t actually own their properties, do they really have a dog in the fight? Has anyone purchased from them and found their analysis to be correct?

I've spent a lot of time looking at roofstock and their properties, and I don't like their analyses at all and I would suggest you use the BP calculators to do your own calcs based on your own #'s.

For example, it appears they use about 5 to 6% for capex, I used 12 to 15% for my own #'s. R&M I budget about $100/mo and again, they seem to be a bit low. Also insurance premium about $400 to $800/month range? They must be quoting ACV (actual cash value) vs RC (replacement cost). Replacement cost policies are more expensive since they pay more at claim time. ACV can bite you if you're not ready when the adjuster depreciates your claim and you have to come up with several thousand more to make repairs.

The other issue is I ignore their neighborhood ratings. I almost bought a property in what they rated as a 4/5 star neighborhood, and it turns out from asking people who know the area, that I would rate it as more of a 2-1/2 star area.

Having said that, I think roofstock is an excellent and legitimate platform for buying/selling properties and I'd buy from them if I found the right property. But run your own #'s and do your own research and don't just take their #'s for granted.