How to name a home buying company for best SEO

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Hi, I'm trying to decide how to name a company that is going to be attempting to find home sellers.  I see many companies use some form of "something something home/house buyer" in the name.  I thought I would do this as well but then I noticed in Denver only one out of the top five Google results for "sell my house fast in Denver" has home or house in the name.  I'm trying to understand if it matters as far as SEO goes, and then whether it's important from a marketing perspective in general.  In other words, do I need to quickly get the message across what my business does rather than trying to explain it somewhere else (this would apply if I start doing direct mail, or other forms of marketing).  Let me know if anyone has thoughts on this.  Thanks.

Hey Dave,

You basically have a choice of brand in a domain or keywords, or words that convey trust.

First, keywords in a domain are a minimal ranking signal if any.  What you should be concerned with instead is click through rate.  

Once a person is presented with your domain on a search result, how likely are they to click on your link/domain.

You would want brand in your domain if you have a brand that is extremely well known and trusted in your area.  Most don't.

If you don't have a strong brand with built in trust, then you could use a name conveys a lot of trust: ie:, etc.  

Otherwise you would want a keyword domain so that whoever sees your link will be able to see that your solution matches their problem.

Your brand name BTW does have a soothing ring to it so it's not a bad candidate as one that conveys trust and ease of mind.

Hope that helps!

@Kuba F. Thanks for the feedback.  It sounds like the ideal name is going to both convey trust and let people know that we have a solution to their problem.  So ABC Home Buyers is going to be better than something like ABC Homes?

I would agree with that. Also consider that people are emotionally attached to homes, less so to houses, so an argument could be made that it's better to stay away from home in the name and use house.

Hey Dave,

We have found in the past that it is better to go with a name that will stick in your mind, rather than choosing it for SEO purposes.

SEO is not only the art of ranking first for free, but it is also constantly reviewing your website, links, navigation, HTML for your pages and blogs, and a combination of other details, I would say your slogan is way more important than your name for SEO purposes.

We have found in with some of our previous customers, also, that ranking though SEO is a long process that requires daily constant details and content posting such as blogs or vlogs.

SEO tends to be more like something you do on the side while growing your company, for marketing purposes I would advice more effective methods such as Paid Search or Social Media.


Hi @Dave Vona ,

If you are interested in purchasing domains based on the keywords, go on with medium ranking keywords because they always stay evergreen! When you are using high ranking keywords as domain names, there are high chances that SERP can take it to other trending blogs or sites. The idea of placing a keyword as a domain name is good but make sure the keyword has a minimum ranking and better reach!

Your branding should focus more on positive local imagery than keyword Cliche's. I have the #1 ranking brand in my market and my company name doesn't have anything to do with sell my house fast, for cash, or we buy houses. 

@Ryan Dossey thanks.  So it doesn't seem that having those keywords in a name are useful for SEO, but what about other forms of marketing.  If doing direct mail, for example, and you only have a few seconds to communicate what your company does on a flyer, it seems that having the "we buy house" type of name would be beneficial.

I'd disagree with you man. They're not gonna remember we buy houses company #37 who sent them the same marketing they got from 36 other we buy houses companies. 

@Dave Vona

It’s been said well already on this thread, but I would focus on branding. Does your name quickly convert to your customers what your business is all about?

@Jackfen Lazarre What are local monuments, landmarks, customs, etc in your town? You wouldn't go with something like outdoorsy like Spruce Homes if you live in the desert. 

Originally posted by @Jackfen Lazarre :

@Ryan Dossey Thank you, What do you thnk of this name, just finish registering it with the state

"Dwell In Comfort"

If you're doing buy & hold or flips it's solid! 


@Dave Vona

Whatever you choose, might want to run it through in order to make sure you can register it across a wide variety of social media channels.

Namecheckr searches across a bunch of social sites to see if your brand is available.

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