Subleasing on airbnb

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Hey everyone!

I was wondering if anyone knows if there are calculators out there that can help me calculate if subleasing on a property that I sign a lease on will generate cash flow without actually putting the property on airbnb first? I know the BP community is typically against this but I think with the right use of Tim Ferris’s automation of businesses (this one being corporate housing), this strategy has the potential to make people a lot of money very fast - especially when that person is as young as myself and unable to make large purchases quickly.

Thank you all for your help!

(any other advice regarding subleasing is welcomed and appreciated)

Air DNA can do this.  However don't do this without the consent of the landlord/ owner of the property and definitely do not do it where airbnb is prohibited, because the fines for violating the law can often be placed on the property.

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