Propstream or Property Radar?

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I flipped a few houses many years ago before having kids. Now my kids are basically grown and I'm a few years from retirement (I'm a teacher). I want to start flipping again and have enough cash to work with. I also may keep a few houses along the way to add to my rentals (I have 4). I know the markets have changed and I have read that I need to use data to find good deals. I think I want to use Propstream or Property Radar, but not sure. Any other suggestions/advice will be appreciated. Best wishes! 

I dont know what prop stream does.

but property radar is one we use and its by far the most robust out there for deep dives..  and I think they just went nationwide.. it will be a game changer for those on the east coast where this kind of data mining is very difficult on their own. Or those that have access to very good customer service at West coast title companies that have fully digital title plants etc..

I've bounced between both. There are some automation you can do with property radar that propstream charges more for. Propstream added driving for dollars app. They both have a few different search criteria to separate themselves. Both good products.