Software Choices and Opinions

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I am a beginner investor and am considering using a software to help me organize and assist my work. I have seen some content about REAL DATA and a few others, and would like to hear other investors feedback on that product as well as others. 

@Thomas Messano I use Trello quite a bit for managing my properties here in the Berwyn area. It is a great project management software so it is perfect for tracking CapEx projects you have going on or even just as a way to keep track of things like materials you use in your rehabs, etc.

Hey @Thomas Messano ,  By new investor, do you have any properties yet?  There are a lot of options available and I think it depends on what it is you're looking to accomplish.  It sounds like your post is looking to understand values from software.  This could be the value of a purchase, the value of a rent, etc.  What is it that you're trying to accomplish?

For renters, I think having a good software solution for a tenant portal, maintenance, payment options, online applications, etc. is a must have.  If you're really new, I had previously enjoyed using Tenant Cloud.  If you're more experienced and have enough units, I use and really enjoy Appfolio PM.  These help in organization, maintenance requests, and allow accounting as well.

@John Warren Thanks for the advice. @Justin Hoggatt I closed on my first flip in December and am lookin for my first buy and hold property currently. Yes I am looking to understand value, hoping to find something that can help me keep things like property info such as comps, contacts emails, and calculators for the different tasks involved. As you can tell I'm new to it so I'm not 100% what I want out of it but mainly am trying to have something where all my material is together and manageable.

@Thomas Messano for your flip definitely try using a project management software. A lot of my friends use Asana and I use Trello. Both would work perfectly for what you are doing in a flip. 

For your rental when you get there, I would look into which used to be Cozy. I managed my portfolio in Berwyn using Cozy until I made the switch to Appfolio and for a small portfolio it is perfect (and free).