Cozy was good - not so good

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I've used Cozy app for a number of years for our rentals. I setup a personal Cozy account for our home house hacking. This month switched us over to their platform. Here are the problems:

1. You no longer have an app to use on the landlord side.

2. Your ACH payments can take up to 5 days to deposit into your account.

3. Everything you need to do now requires going through a web browser.

I'm looking for a new service that is very similar to Cozy and has an app, plus be able to get ACH rental payments in 3 days or less.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

I was switched over too.  Not sure about it, still trying to find things.  

I HATE they way the apartments are listed, rather random is all I can tell.  I like them listed by the address then in numerical order.

Renters in houses do not like the name and ask why I would use a site for apartments with houses.