Looking to Connect in Palm Beach/Broward Counties

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I am new to real estate investing (goal is to secure my first deal by the end of 2020) and looking to connect with individuals in either Broward or Palm Beach counties. Would love to chat with people at all experience levels:

  • Looking to get started
  • Already have a few deals
  • Have quite a few deals

I would be most interested in connecting with individuals who have invested in other markets. While I love it here in South Florida, I would like to get started in a lower-cost-of-entry market.

@Shane Cummings   Welcome to the community! There are a group of us that meet every month in Delray Beach to discuss topics just like this. It is the second Saturday of every month, and you can find it by searching for "Coffee with Investors". We generally get 40-50 people in attendance from all levels of experience. You should join us. Let me know if you'd like more information. Good luck out there!

Good morning @Jon Huber ,

I'm interested in attending your meetings in Delray Beach. I'm a new realtor and aspiring real estate investor and would like also to connect with more people in this area. If you could provide me with more information I'd be very grateful.

thank you,

David J. Malave