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I am looking for a special RE agent. In return, I will buy from you and willing to give you a nice bonus (in writing) for the extra attention to this purchase. Here is the special requests:

2018 - Education

I want to sit down and first talk areas. This education will take most of 2018 at a metered pace.

I have extensive RE experience, (currently owning/managing 8 SFH + 1 Office Building in Kansas City, and previous experience flipping SFH in Kansas City, and building SFH in Colorado), so I am looking for a unique property, close to the coast (within 5 minutes), on a canal, with at least 12' bridge clearance at high tide, quiet street, preferably 3 bedroom/3 car/ranch. More important, I am looking for a solid community, both in the subdivision as well as the city/town. My goal is to move to FL, rebuild a house the way I want it and then plug into the neighborhood and local town.

2019 - Buy

The property needs to be priced/discounted for a full rehab. I live in the Kansas City area, but can jump on a flight when needed. I plan to pay cash for the property, so I can close fast.

2020 - Rehab/Build

Help locating some of the solid sub-contractors who are produce good quality, fast work and a fair (not cheap, but fair) price. This includes; roof, HVAC, plumbing, all surfaces, some wall removals, landscape, mold/asbestos remediation, foundation issues, sea wall repair/replacement, etc. 

2021 +

Once I move to SE FL, I do want to buy two/year 3/2/2 SHF homes and rehab these. I will sell most, but keep a few.

What I don't want is to be put on a drip. I can jump on Zillow and find what is on the market. I am looking for someone to first guide me as to the good areas that are being revitalized and have solid communities. Second, someone who may pick up a pocket listing or email/call me on the perfect listing. I want the agent to first look at the property online as well as physically before calling/emailing me.

You are welcome to talk with the local RE agent I worked with over the last several years to see that I am not blowing smoke and won't waste your time. 

So, If this is something you can help with or know someone who can help me, please send me a PM.

It’s a very competitive market here with lots of cash buyers. What is your budget?

All in, wholesale property, rehab, other costs, around $600,000 maybe more.

Why no responses? Price too low? No money in it for someone? Realtors too busy?

Hi Dennis,

I do not do residential but commercial nationally. I can tell you with 14 years in the business as an owner and investor myself what is my take on your post.

You were very specific in your post of what you are wanting to do and when which is good.

The bad part is you are wanting a broker/agent to spend 1 year educating you on that local market for FREE in the hopes of  getting future business. Most brokers and agents live by ( their next closing). 1 year away is like a decade for most brokers and agents. All the items you are requesting could take up an extraordinary amount of time when you do purchase something versus existing local buyers to the market who can act today and are ready to buy.

If I had a buyer say they wanted to buy a 10 million dollar retail center but wanted me to educate them on the space for 1 year it would be a non-starter. The buyer could pass away before then, decide to buy other asset classes, not buy anything at all, go bankrupt, market conditions with property values could change, debt markets could change. The landscape 1 year from now could be very different than what it is today.

A high quality broker or agent is very busy with business TODAY. They have to put time into transactions and deals today to operate their business.

The type of broker or agent that would agree to your requests for business would have to have a lot of free time on their hands and that does not correlate to pocket listings to show you.

Over the years I have developed systems for being very efficient as a commercial broker. Each lead that comes in I look at ( Are they my  A or B buyer, how much time will they take up versus return, will they follow my business protocols for a transaction, are we a philosophical match for a client relationship, are they realistic on price for market and strategy or looking for a Unicorn as I call them ( 1 in 10,000 property ).

Maybe you will find someone to take on your requests but frankly I do not see it. If a broker gets daily requests for buy now buyers a request such as yours would likely be in a forgotten or follow up file when you get closer to doing something. You may never actually move there. Just a ton of variables that make the chances of your plan happening iffy and the broker/agent seeing income off of the relationship to justify the time investment. 

Just giving one brokers perspective in the daily trenches. I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck.   

@Dennis King would be happy to chat and see if I can be of value to you. Feel free to DM

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