Need a referral in Fort Lauderdale

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Hello Fort Lauderdale!

I have a client who recently moved to the Austin, TX area and still needs to sell his properties in Ft. Lauderdale. He is unimpressed with the agent they are listed with and I'd love to give him a stellar referral from you, the experts in the area. Can you recommend any rock star residential agents in the area that I can pass along to him?


A lot of times agent are taking on listings just to get them without doing a thorough market analysis of the property. Then you have unrealistic sellers who want the sky and the earth for there property. Thus, the property may be overpriced and will be an expired listing soon. If the property was priced correctly your seller friend wouldn't be in this situation. Also, make sure to tell the seller how long they have on the listing agreement because it may or may not have a way to cancel the listing agreement.