Oklahoma lease agreements

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I just bought a couple rent houses that I plan on renting out. Any good lease agreements to specifically use? And what other agreements should I have the tenant sign? Move in inspection forms? If I could get copies of what you veterans use, that would help a lot. Thanks.


I'm an investor and commercial lender in the Tulsa and surrounding market. For my properties, I utilize the residential lease agreement through the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (OREC) site. The link below should take you to the PDF. Hopefully this helps. Happy to help in any way I can, so feel free to give me a shout if needed.



I used the lease form right here of the BP website, in the tools section. I'm sure you are already aware, but strict  tenant screening BEFORE you sign a lease will be your moost important thing. Good luck.

@Calvin Ruth I have a lease agreement that was created by my local attorney. It is specific to the Oklahoma market and allows us to create property specific clauses. He is also the guy who has to follow through on enforcing it should we have to evict. PM me and I will be glad to share the firms information. Good luck and happy investing!

@Jarrod Marker have you used the new lease offered by the OREC that you linked? If so, I wanted to get your input on Section 2 (RENT) that says the tenant agrees to pay......."with __________ bills paid." My tenants will be responsible for all utilities; do you read that line as needing to be filled with the word "no"? Or would it be "all" bills paid (by the tenant)? I couldn't figure out which word was needed there. Thanks for any help!