Is Pueblo, CO a good market to invest in?

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I'm planning on purchasing my second house and want to dive in by Autumn next year.

I was curious on what you guys think of the market in Pueblo, CO. It seems like a good (cheap) market to buy in, but do any of you know if this is a profitable market to buy and rent, or to flip? Would you get good returns?

Your input would be much appreciated.


Tammy Price 

I have heard a lot about the market recently. Which means that it might be pretty hot. 

Do you know any investors currently investing there?

Do you know what is happening in that market? Are people moving there? Are jobs moving there? 

Hi Tammy Price! I believe in Pueblo long term. They’ve got some big capital projects going on, including a highway connecting Pueblo to Pueblo West (there’s currently only on main road for that trip).

Lots of development in Pueblo West. Most houses in Pueblo were built between 1900-1950, so it’s a great spot for rehabs.

I’m planning on getting some flips done in Aurora before reinvesting into Pueblo for a long term BARRRR strategy.

I’ve been down to Pueblo recently to visit @Robert Herrera who has probably 20 properties there by now. Definitely keep looking into it, and let us know what you find!

Hi @Antoine Martel , to be honest I don't have much information on the area yet, I happen to live in Fountain and never really notice the market of Pueblo, but after seeing a few numbers I defiantly what to research more about it. I'll keep you updated.

@Gregory Flores, Jr. , Thanks a lot for your input. I had no idea about the new highway, I know there are new-ish commercial developments North of Pueblo, above downtown, which always attracts more people and consumers, I have also visited The Riverwalk , that seems to be a point of interest for most of the community and it's activities. 

I'll keep my research and keep you updated, also thanks for the contact, I'll get in touch with Robert, hopefully he wont mind sharing some insight.

@Tammy Price Pueblo still has some great fix and flip potentials and there are deals to be had for good cash flowing rentals. A lot of investors from Colorado Springs and Denver are working the markets down here. You have to be ready to pull the trigger then do your due diligence.

@Tammy Price Pueblo has been discussed here quite a bit. You should use the search feature and read some older posts to get a flavor of the discussion. Bottom line is to acquire a lot of knowledge about the area before you plunk down your hard earned dollars.

I've also been eyeing Pueblo, including touring some houses with a knowledgeable realtor.  Would be interested to network with someone who has some experience investing in the area.  

A few years ago I read an article that Pueblo boasted some of the cheapest real estate in the nation. That's a good sign investors should be looking down there, get in before the prices rise too much you can witness first hand whats going on in Fountain - growing growing growing and so are the prices. I do happen to know Fort Carson is opening a gate 17 south of gate 20 and though it's not as far south as Pueblo it would make a quicker commute for some. 

I think it's definitely worth checking out and please let us know what your impressions are. 

It's competitive.  It's best to be the first one in the door and as Rick said, pull the trigger and then figure it out from there.  I'm happy to give a tour of the area and show past history of deals. Each persons situation is unique.