My name is Kevin and I just joined BP last week. Excited to be here! My wife and I live and Turlock and looking to start our REI. We have a primary residence at this time only. Currently pre-approved for a loan and looking for properties in Stanislaus, Merced, and San Joaquin Counties. Looking at SFH and small multi-unit properties.

I am learning that the prices around here are pretty hard to cash flow after expenses. It seems the only way will have to be finding off market properties. Went and looked at some places in Merced but they were south of 99. Rough neighborhoods to be in. Also looking at stockton but not too familiar with the area.

I have not been interested in flipping but maybe its the only way to get started here? I found a property but had two cash offers sight unseen by the time my realtor called. 

Anyone able to use BRRR strategy in our area? If you are from here an investing elsewhere in the valley where are you investing? Would love some guidance from current investors! I am willing to learn and work with folks if necessary,

Also, I own a handyman business and do work after my day job and weekends. Not the cheapest but am all about being trustworthy and having integrity. I also return phone calls which I am learning people have a problem doing.

Thank you!!