We got ourselvs a local forum in NEPA!

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@Kevin D. I have experienced no change from covid, several other investors I know locally have seen a slight delinquency but so far so good. Which bodes well as we move forward.  As far as the markets go, things are moving quickly due to the backlog of buyers but my data suggests that supply will slowly start to creep upward as we get out of the summer and into the fall and hopefully as supply increases prices will deflate from the over inflated numbers we have been seeing over the last years or so. 

Hi All:

Just checking with this group to see what trends local investors in terms of prices, rents, vacancies, delinquencies etc. 

I’m buying a couple of 4+ units in Hanover Twp WB and looking to connect with the local and seasons guys to get a pulse of the market.