My REI strategy (opinions welcome)

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Input please. I'm new at investing. I have one home as Airbnb. Here is my strategy. We are allowed to have 10 properties with conventional financing. I can save about 35-40k every year. The next 5 years I plan to purchase 9 properties within 80-100k through out the country. My goal is to pay them all off within 12 years same time I plan to retire. The goal is to own 9 properties free in clear. This sounds realistic to me what about you.

@Delbert Standifer

Seems reasonable, but hard to say without seeing more detail on your numbers and goals and how the CF and dept pay down schedule look.

Also, I will never understand why new people invest outside of their own backyard (I get that they typically live in expensive markets, but still). There's soooo much risk in this business already, that's just adding another layer.

Best of luck to you!