Active duty military - how best to get started

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Any veterans in the group? I have a young person who I am desperately trying to influence to do something material with his military signing bonuses. Would love to chat with someone who bought their first house while still active and living on base, etc., and while also taking advantage of whatever lending programs are available to active duty personnel.  Any recommended books, podcast episodes, etc.?  

Thanks, Greg

@Gregory Tigan   I started and am currently active duty..... Wish i would have started much earlier id be in a much better position today.  there is a podcast titled "the active duty passive income podcast"  Its no bigger pockets however it is a good resource and they focus on military and veteran investors.  Most all of their guests are active or prior service and they deep dive into benefits as well.


I host The Military Millionaire Podcast, and a growing family of military REI guys/gals that doesn't try to sell you on high-ticket courses, and liquidating your TSP for whole-life insurance. Sad I even have to say that, haha.

Would love to help connect you to some service members and veterans that can help you out, let me know how I can help!