HELOCs and leapfrogging mortgages

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We just secured a HELOC on our first property (which is in my wife's name).

Can having both of our names on the HELOC affect our mortgage leapfrogging strategy? We want to make sure we are setting ourselves up for success when we go to purchase our next property, which will be in my name.

Here’s the breakdown:

Property 1- mortgage is in wife's name; both of our names are on the title; both of our names are on the HELOC.

Is this proper practice for BRRRRing? Or is there a differing practice that you would suggest? Thanks for the feedback!

Leapfrogging? What do you mean by this?
Are you aiming to get 20 mortgages? You each qualify for 10, one name on each mortgage.
Or do you mean to use the debt snowball and pay off houses quickly?