Investment Property HELOC Lender

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Hello - has anyone had an recent luck in finding a bank that give a HELOC on an investment property? It's worth about $285,000 and I owe about $150,000. I could do a cash out refinance which I intended to do first but my lender who offered the cash out said my options could be better with a HELOC. The fees associated and rates with an investment cash out he said are much higher. Thought I'd see if anyone here had experience with this in 2020. It is a STR so typical show the year lease doesn't work which makes it more complicated. Intended to do typical BRRRR and read the book but since STR it doesn't work the same even though profiting much more now than previous year. Property located in VT, many local lenders/ banks/ CU I've reached out to don't offer it. Thanks!

Hey @Brooke Spaulding - not too sure whose offering a LOC on an investment property at the moment. But there are 30 yr cash-flow lenders that could provide financing here even if it's a short-term rental. It just depends on how long it's been income producing as an STR -- if it's 12+ months then you're eligible for a cash-out based on that income. The only other concern is where in VT the property is, some areas could be considered rural, which would be difficult to lend against.