HELOC Funded BRRRRs - how to get the rehab costs on the HUD?

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Hello! I recently closed on my second BRRRR property and am looking for the third.

I used a hard money loan for the first two and recently closed on a HELOC on another property. I have enough in the HELOC to purchase and rehab most of the properties I am looking at, so I was wondering if you all could provide some advice for using the HELOC for the BRRRR and ensuring the rehab amount appears on the HUD for ease of refinancing once the rehab is complete.

Or, is that something I made up in my head? 

I just want to make sure that I am able to refinance the ENTIRE HELOC loan, not just the purchase price. I know for the first two properties, the rehab amount appeared on the HUD due to the use of a hard money loan. Would that work the same or is there an additional step(s) I need to do to ensure I can refinance everything to payoff the HELOC? I do not plan to do any cash out, just refinance the cost of purchase + rehab, so that I can repeat and speed up the building of our portfolio through the use of the HELOC.

Thanks in advance!

@Amanda Brezina I've never ran into that on any refinance. The only issues I have run into are the max LTV of 75-80% and the 6 month deed seasoning most lenders require. I have had a bank ask for verification of the rehab amount but that's about it. I've done about 6 refi's in the past 2 years in FL , SC and OH.

Hey @Robert Rainey , thanks so much for the response!

Did you make it a point to have the rehab cost included on the HUD, or were the banks ok with refinancing the entire HELOC loan without that listed?

I run my numbers for a 75% LTV, so that should be no problem. It sounds like most lenders still look for the six month seasoning though, even if not doing the cash out? Did you use the same lender for all six refinances?

Great to hear that this has worked in multiple states as well! Thanks a ton for your input, I really appreciate it!

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@Amanda Brezina I've only ever had the rehab costs on the HUD when closing with a fix n flip loan.

The loan limitations will be deed seasoning and your LTV max. I've only ever had lender ask about the rehab costs as a technicality not to determine the loan amount.

You only have to worry about deed seasoning when doing a cash out refi. A rate and term refi doesn't consider deed seasoning in my experience.