Recommendation for Handyman in Brevard, FL Palm Bay, Melbourne

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Seeking a handyman to do minor repairs on our rentals and flips.  If anyone has one that they use that is dependable and does good work please share!  Thanks in advance!

It can be very difficult to find a good handyman/contractor. When someone has one they don’t want to give him up. Sometimes you can talk to a property manager, they usually have multiple people they work with.

I'm also interested if anyone has any recommendations. Hard to find someone who is a true jack-of-all-trades and can figure out things on the fly. Too many just have a drill and think everything is a metaphorical screw. I do repairs myself before or in between tenants but when I have a tenant in there I prefer to outsource it.

@Priscilla Z. - I was driving around Palm Bay a few weeks ago and met a guy who recently retired here from Chicago. He was checking out a house he was about to work on; he appears to be very handy and says the only thing he doesn't do is drywall. Other than that, he seemed on point. I'm happy to share his info if you'd like it.