Atlanta Georgia closing company?

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any one know of any investor friendly closing attorneys or title companies around Atlanta? I have yet to make my first deal and have some questions to ask them. So far I have been told it's illegal to wholesale and I need to be an agent. But if I could find one that deals with investors well I wouldn't need to convert them into one.

Oh yeah here are my questions to vet them.

Can you check title on this one(my rental) this is to see if they can do it w/I 1-3 business days.

What are great things about title co?(this is so I will have great stuff to make sure both parties will close there)

Ever work a wholesale deal? (I know kind of obvious)

Any fees? How much? What for? And who commonly pays them?

Can I get 2 separate settlement statements?

When do you open? So I can have the investor come in and pay.

When do you close? And have the seller come in late so they never meet the buyer.

Hey Mike,

See who J Scott and some others use. With regular closings up for home buyers and agents closing attorneys for the most part DO NOT want your type of business.

They can stick with vanilla deals that have no controversy and stay safe. I wouldn't want to take on risk either if I can avoid it.

@Mike Watkins: I hope I'm not violating any rules, but I'm doing a blanket deal now with an attorney. I don't work for him and he actually is the sellers attorney, but is very verse on investor transactions. His name is George Maynard and there's this other guy named John Maurer that I heard about; both are in Atlanta.

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