Local Mentor/Coach Wanted In Cleveland Ohio Area

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I am looking for a successful wholesaler in the Akron/Canton/Cleveland area that would be willing to help me out as I start wholesaling. I would like someone local, who has good knowledge of local laws and can teach me the art of deal structuring. (What contracts need to be signed, how to setup wrap-arounds and owner financing deals). I live in the Wayne county area and work full time and Im extremely motivated to learn this business. If you are willing to help me out here please let me know! Thanks!

Why do you need someone "local"? The biz is pretty much the same throughout the country. Yes, some variations in laws and markets, but how one works the business is pretty consistent throughout the USofA.

We all like to help here in the forums, at local REIA meetings and such, but a mentor is a high level of commitment on both sides.

What are you offering/contributing in return for the help?

@ Bryan: I wouldnt necessarily need someone local but its a preferance just so they are more familiar with the market Im in.

@ Darrin: Ive really learned alot from these forums and from others. I appreciate all that. Im not necessarily looking for a long term.commitment from anybody. Like you said theres enough free.info on here and other places to learn about marketing and other aspects of the business. What Im really looking for is someone who can show what contracts they use, how to fill them out, and how to work with the title company/attorney for closing. How to construct an owner finance deal or sub 2. I would like to see how that works. (Which goes back to the reason why I prefer someone local with knowledge of local laws)

Im willing to help out someone in their business. Whether it be posting ads, helping in marketing, birddogging, etc if they would be willing to let me.observe the few things i mentioned and teach me the basics of constructing the deal. Id also ask for a small.amount of compensation if Im working for somebody and I help bring a deal together. I say small because I realize that the knowledge and experience gained is the main thing for me.But that can be discussed if someone is willing to help me.

Thanks again for taking time to reply

@Josiah Barkman That's a good response. Put what you have to offer, along with what you are looking for, and you have a good chance of finding someone.

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