NoVA Wholesalers interested in networking tonight?

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Hello BiggerPockets!

My wife and I are moving from Ohio to Northern Virginia and I'm interested in meeting some wholesalers in the area to talk about how things work in this part of the country.

I'm in town for business today (Monday 28 April) and I'll have the evening free if anyone wants to discuss real estate over coffee or a beer. I'm staying in the Falls Church area, but I'm up for travelling around the area to meet up.

Also, I'm kind of new to the BP forums, so I'm not sure of the best way to contact me back - I guess a reply here or a Private Message would be best.

Thanks and I look forward to meeting up!

@Matt Schwaberow , I've just joined the site myself & I'm looking to network with other folks in the NoVA area.  I'm always looking to network!

@Matt Schwaberow, did you have any luck linking up with any wholesalers.  I am moving back that way in a couple of months and need to link up with a wholesaler as well.  Anyone else no any reputable wholesalers in the northern Virginia area?


Recently joined BP and interested to link up with a wholesaler as well. I want to concentrate in NoVA area.


Welcome to BP...and if you are interested in meeting a local wholesaler...I suggest getting in contact with @Andrew Michael . I doubt he will be able to meet on such short notice, but you should get in contact with him and get on his mailing list at the very least.

Also feel free to reach out to me with any questions on the DC/MD/VA markets. I dont deal much myself with wholesalers, other than being friends with some like Andrew. Most of my business focuses around conventional purchases.

Thank you @Russell Brazil for the mention.  

@Vikram Mehta Feel free to reach out to me anytime.  I work the DMV area and would love to talk about strategies and such anytime.  

i am also in the va area, not so much northern. I'm in the 757 area of va, newport news to be exact. I'm also looking to network with young like minded individuals. I am always looking for great jv opportunity's aswell. feel free to contact me, info in bio.

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