Looking to connect with out of state Cleveland OH area investors

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Hi BP nation.

I am researching the Cleveland Oh. market and would like to see what other out of state investors experiences have been like. What would you do different or the same?

Please email me at [removed] or connect with me on BP.


Are you from California? Have you looked into Chicago?

Jd, I have not worked with @James Wise but it seems like he is doing a lot of business in Cleveland.

Cincinnati is a good market too. There are good sources of employment, RE taxes in most areas are relatively low, and prices are still good. Rents are also high and vacancies are low. I lived in Cinci for 10 years and I am investing there again. There are some areas you need to avoid though. Listen to my podcast where I detailed my worst investment in Cinci and how I bought my biggest deal (100+ apartment units) there as well - click below:


Hi Keith and Wendell, thanks for responding.

Keith, yup I am from California. I am just looking for a market to call home to build a portfolio.

Wendell, Maybe its not the best reason but I have a friend who lives in the Cleveland area who I was hoping could keep an eye on things if I bought in cleveland. I am not sold on any one market at this point. I Just want to make the connections in a market were they might have my best interests in mind. If you have connections in the Cincinnati market and would be willing to pass them along it would be appreciated.

I have been in contact with James Wise and he has me set up to receive properties in areas he works in.

"I am just looking for a market to call home to build a portfolio "

Midwest has plenty of great opportunities


put together a trust wordily team and always keep your options open.

Ramon I agree. It might be naive but if im willing to leave my area and do the proper due diligence the rest of the country is open. Just depends on the market, the team, and the return.

Don't get me wrong I would love to invest in my backyard but with my current skill set I don't see it happening.

Thanks everyone.

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