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Hey Everyone,

My wife and I have been actively looking for for some buy and hold multi-family investments in Minnesota, Twin Cities area and it is about time we start looking for a great team to work with, since we have some possible opportunities to look in to.

We are currently looking for -

  • Mortgage Broker/Loan Officer
  • Real Estate Attorney
  • Escrow Lender or Title Rep
  • Insurance Agent
  • Contractor / Property Inspector
  • Realtor
  • Property Manager
  • Great handyman

Let me know if you are interested or you know great people/ companies that we can get in contact with. Let us know!


Konrad Lightner

I'm up in the Fargo area if you're interested in properties up here.

I would think your simplest approach would be to start attending the MNREIA meetings that are held each month and start networking there. mnreia.com for details, I will be at the cashflow game night in a few days if you want to stop by and say hi.

Also, I am focusing in Mankato and not the cities, which I am guessing is outside of your area of interest, but there are certainly some buy & hold cash flow opportunities down here if you are interested.

Good luck,


Great to meet you Steven, thanks for the reply!

I am interested in pretty much any area, We are looking in the Twin cities because we have family there that know the area well. My wife and I currently live in Burbank, Ca. Though 3.5 hours to Fargo isn't too far. What kind of service, ideas where you thinking?

Hi @Nathan, I actually grew up in a small town, Windom about an hour away from Mankato. We currently live in Burbank, Ca where I work at Walt Disney Animation Studios on Feature Films, so going to the MNREIA meetings isn't really possible for us. We have been looking into some properties in Mankato and would be interested if the numbers make sense. Thanks for your reply!

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply! I would really enjoy the opportunity to talk with you about your firm.

I'll send you an email tomorrow and we can see how can help each other.


I know an awesome real estate agent in the twin cities. Actually meeting with him tomorrow about investing. Shoot me a private message if you're interested in getting his contact info!

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