Recommendations for Sub-Metering (Water) companies in Atlanta

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Greetings All,

I currently have a MF property here in Atlanta. The problem is that the units are not individually metered for water. The result is that I have to pay for the water (approx $6,000/year).

I would like to reach out to MF investors here in Atlanta and see if they have used/or are using a sub-metering company that provides tenant billing utility programs, monitor the usage etc.

Do you guys have any recommendations for sub-metering water companies here in Atlanta? Secondly, do you know the cost of installing sub-meter/unit.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration in reading this post.

Hi @Azeez K.  My plumber is quoting me about $500 for installation of a tricky sub meter for a duplex.

Surely there are economies of scale for doing a MF.  I think it will vary on the specifics of your plumbing set up like where the submeters can be placed.

@Rick Baggenstoss

Thanks for the information. Quick follow-up question: How would you get the reading ...would you go to your duplex every month and get the reading for water usage and then charge the tenants accordingly or is there a better way around this? Anyways hope all is well.

I will visit my meters every other month.  There are service providers who do the reading, etc. 

Surely there's a better way!

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