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My name is Ben, I am 22 and just getting my feet wet in real estate investing. I've started doing my research on different investing strategies and I was wondering if anybody knew of any good networking groups in the Atlanta area. Any advise is welcome!

Hey @Benjamin Poole , I'm actually looking for the same thing. I've heard our best bet is the Atlanta REIA. Their main meeting is the first Monday of each month at 5p. Maybe I'll see you there!

Hi @Benjamin Poole  

Atlanta has a lot of Meetups and networking events so do check them out. A couple are listed below

1) Atlanta REIA


3) Real Estate Mastermind in Alpharetta @Andrew Cordle  meets 3rd thursday of the month

4) Athens REInvestment Club

Anyways look forward to seeing you around Atlanta area.

Good luck

Hey @Benjamin Poole I am not too far from you. I havent been to the Atlanta REIA in awhile because it was almost exclusively people that work inside-the-perimeter and thats not my market. You may want to try this group, which is not far from you:

I dont know that much about them, but they are pretty close to you.

I have been trying to attend the group run by @Andrew Cordle, but I keep having conflicts on that night.

Hey guys,

Thanks for the great advice, and I will definitely try to attend some of these events. Hopefully I will see y'all at one of these events/meetings soon!

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