Korean local REIs met in Itae Won, Seoul

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Hi all,

We REIs near Seoul,Korea met this Saturday in Itae Won.

May be anyone intrested can join us.

Any ways, it was a pleasure meeting all of you...

John, Dan, Ben and myself.

We are planning to meet up again in Oct.

Anyways fyi guys...here is some pictures of Dong Tan, the town I live in and where I have some investment properties in. 

Because of the downturn in the real estate in Korea for the past 7~8 years, the empty lot

to the right of the three tall buildings in the picture is supposed to be the 2nd phase of the 

development that is still not proceeding as of today (hotel, dept. store, office building and second phase of the 1st phase shopping mall thats located below the buildings and already operating). There is another empty lot (not shown) the same size as the one mentioned above.

Korean gov. has finally put in a vice prime minister in charge of budget and economy thats going to relax the regulations and get the money flowing in the domestic market that may finally get the project going and also bring the real estate market to a upbeat state.

@Jae N Noh  

 I had a blast chatting with you guys.

Look forward to meeting in October.

Have a great day.

Hi @Jae N Noh  and @John Van Uytven I'm here in Korea as well, and actively invest both in Korea and do wholesaling in Dallas, TX. Send me an email with details of the next meetup, if you don't mind. 

[email protected]

Hi Jacob,

We are meeting up on this Saturday...

Unfortunately I won't be able to join but you can email me at [email protected] and I will send you the meetup info.


Jae N. Noh

Talking about hitting us up under the wire

Here is the meetup info


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