Indianapolis contractor recommendations

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Anybody have a contractor in Indianapolis that is good that they are willing to share? I have a good potential property for a rental, but I'd like to get a couple of contractors out to the property to take a look and help me establish an estimate for the rehab. There appears to be some foundation issues, so I'm thinking that may cost a lot and kill the deal. But I'd like to get a professional's eyes on it.

Thanks in advance!

I'm sorry, I don't have any recommendation but let me know if you find one :)

@Rodney Kuhl  "good" and "contractor" doesn't go in the same sentence! LOL

Here's a couple that I've used recently with success.  Of course do your DD and good luck!

Dace Keeling -317.506.4635

Dirt Cheap LLC - 317-602-2668

Can't give a hard recommendation on Gabbe, Inc but I saw a rehab he did and it looked pretty good.  Russell Doherty is the owner and his number is 220-3142.


@Rodney Kuhl  There have been a few months since you posted this thread. Would you mind sharing your contractor finding experience? Do you have anyone to recommend now?

@Wei Peng  I ended up with a couple of contacts, but someone else got the house under contract before I could so I don't really have any contractor experience to share or anyone to recommend.

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