Tulsa, OK- Interested in Purchasing Mult-Family Properties

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Are there any opportunities for Multi-Family investments in the Tulsa Ok area that make "sense'?  Needs to be a min. of 20 units preferably more.

I am a RE Developer, and Landlord in NYC looking to purchase out state where the returns make more sense.

Someone recently brought to my attention a 50+ unit in Tulsa that seems to make sense on paper, but I have no idea whatsoever how this area is..



@Leo Falbo  

I do not have any experience in Multi-Family properties, so I cant tell you whether or not they make "sense". However, I do live and invest in SFHs in Tulsa, and could provide some info about specific areas. I do plan to purchase a large Multi-Family in the next 5 years so I am very interested to see what your research determines. 

As for 2-4 plexes, I have not had much luck finding any that make sense. It seems that around here duplexes cost more than 2 equivalent SFHs. Perhaps others have had better results.



Thanks for the reply. What is the market rate price for a descent SFH in Tulsa? And what would a SFH rent for?

This particular multi is in South Tulsa, .. Are you familiar with that area?

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@Leo Falbo  

That really depends on which part of south Tulsa. If you are referring to the area between 51st and 71st near Riverside/Peoria, that's a pretty rough area.

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