What do I ask the big players? The shakers and movers?

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I've just developed a contact with one of the partners of one of the biggest real estate development groups in my area. Having lunch or dinner with them would be an excellent opportunity for me. Being a bit star struck I'm not sure how to approach them as I have very little to offer them. I would like to think myself a great networker, eager apprentice, and a connector of people - but they don't need that. 

Does anyone have suggestions as to how I can network with them, prove that I'm serious, examples of specific questions that impress them? I'd love to have these guys as a contact and/or mentor.


Hi @Steven J.  ,

Have some confidence in what you bring to the table!!

I would send the contact an email and be honest. Explain that you are impressed by what they have accomplished and that you would like to meet for lunch or coffee to learn more about them and perhaps learn how you could help each other accomplish your, respective, goals. 

I do this almost daily, and I would say 90% of people I contact are willing to meet with me. Successful people know that great opportunities can come from anyone/anywhere. If you are a networker and a connector of people, anyone in business can benefit from meeting you!

Good luck and let me know how it pans out. 

Thanks for the input. I just walked a house of theirs that they are selling. I met with the wife and we chatted about the college we went to, the art we do, etc. I'll need to reach out and keep in contact at the very least.

Consistency and the willingness to listen, learn and help are great assets. Keep in regular touch with them and when the time is right, the opportunity will appear.

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