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I'm a first time investor, about to start looking at properties but I want to complete my investment team before I start making serious offers.

I'm hoping someone can help me with what insurance companies in the Philadelphia area are good to work with for investors. Has anyone had any particularly good experiences with specific companies or know of any I should steer clear of?

This has been the most difficult part of putting my team together so far so any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.



If you can tell me what your looking for; ease of billing, best premiums, broadest coverage, response time, claim payout satisfaction.  Will you be flipping or buy and hold?   I represent 50+ companies and no 1 company handles all well.  If you can give me your #1,#2, #3 most important, I can tell you which to avoid.

I know that 1 particular company will be the most competitive in your area, but they are getting sued because of they will stall on claim payouts.  If you want the name to that company, send me a private message.

Hi Jason,

I know I'll need a number of insurance policies... Builders Risk, Liability, possibly Flood insurance, etc so I was wondering if I can combine policies with one agent for a lower cost. Also, would getting a higher deductible lower my costs. I want to know if I can get some of my money back if I cancel early as well. I'm intending on flipping to start out so I might not need a full 6 or 12 months of coverage. 

Thanks for your response. I appreciate it.


You can combine your General Liability & Property, while the Builders risk & Flood are both stand alone policies. 

A higher ded will definitely lower you cost for each policy, but the % savings is not the same from policy to policy.  Example, going from $500 to $1000 may save you $5 on 1 policy but $30 on another.

Regarding $ back, the Builders Risk will most likely be the one policy that is a "Fully Earned Premium".  So if you finish the flip in 4 months, but have purchased a 6 mo Builders Risk, you will forfeit the 2 months of premium.  You will get $ back for the other policies.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Good Luck!


Thanks for your advice. I appreciate you responding to my question.

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