Looking for investor friendly agent in Columbus, Ohio

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Hi everybody! I'm relatively new to BP and loving it so far. So much great info here. My partner and I are ready to purchase our first property in the central Columbus, Ohio area. We're looking for a duplex and will be living in one unit.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an investor-friendly agent who is familiar with downtown Columbus neighborhoods? We want someone who understands our goals and is willing to help us (creatively!) find the right property... and maybe even a good deal. ;)

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Welcome @Jen A.  ! there are several of us central ohio agents here on bp. I would recommend once you see them pop up here in conversations send them a PM and talk to them a bit. We all have our own different ways of doing things so the key is to finding a realtor you want to work with. Also when you say familiar with down town that can mean so many things... what area of down town are you talking about as some agents specialize in certain areas ( ie. german village, victorian village, short north, downy town, OTE, marian village. ect ect ) so when you talk to the agent be clear on what you are looking for and what you would like. 

@Jen A.   Welcome and best of luck...Plenty of resources here to help you find that good deal.

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