Calling all Hampton Roads Investors

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Hello all,

I just moved back to the area and am looking to connect with fellow investors in and around Virginia Beach, VA. I use to be a realtor here some years ago and moved to the DC area and got into wholesaling and now I'm back and feeling out the market and making connections to get started up here. I have been at it for about a year in D.C. but still pretty new and looking to network with people new and old in the industry. Please comment and lets connects! I am more than open to meet up and sit down at Starbucks or anywhere it's all about building relationships.


We no longer live in the area. We bought a house in Virginia Beach while my husband was stationed there. If we head back that way next tour I hope to get started in the vacation rental business. 

Hi Gary, I'm always looking for good wholesale deals in VB. I flip SFR's and townhomes with ARV's between $150k and $250k.

Hi Gary!  I rehab houses in Norfolk.  Looking forward to getting to know you!  

Hey @Elizabeth Colegrove! Thanks for the reply I haven't really thought or seen to much about vacation rentals. With the exception of people using Airbnb to rent out homes or extra rooms. How does this work during the off seasons are you stuck paying everything out of pocket? 

@Christian Dunlap  

Thanks for chiming in I will definitely keep you in mind as I start my deal hunting. I notice a lot more investors here also holding a RE license, I will most likely go and get mine back as well eventually until then I will be in need of a good knowledgeable agent. Hopefully someday we will get a chance to work together. Are you a member of TRIG? If so how are they? They seem to be the only group in the area.

Hey @Lisa Arlt Escoto ! So your in NOVA and rehabbing here in Norfolk? That has always amazed me how people operate from miles away. Do you have someone here to manage the work or do you just have a great contractor and travel back and forth? Either way that's great!

Its funny because your strategy is the way I been thinking of setting myself up to operate. Doing rehabs and aiming for other investors wanting turn-key properties just eliminates a lot of head ache it seems. Might even be able to avoid the MLS altogether. I still have 2 partners in the DC area so I will still be operating there as well, so I definitely look forward to getting to know you more.

HI Gary, I am an agent with Prudential (soon to be Berkshire Hathaway) and I'm happy to help however I can, but my primary job is flipping. I am a member of TRIG. In fact, we have a really cool networking event this Tuesday. You'll find the details here:

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