Need real estate lawyer in Buffalo, NY

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I need a lawyer recommendation to handle some property management issues in the Buffalo NY area. Ive been recommended David Weir but reached out to him twice already with no response. Any help is appreciated. thank you!

Michael Lombardo
Phone: (716) 855-1111

This is the Real Estate lawyer that attends our local Real Estate investors club.

I have never used him. I am in Lockport and have a local attorney. Hope this helps.

I received an Email from Diane K's husband @ 3:37 PM Monday then a second one on Tuesday @ 11:32 am asking me to call him. I returned the call @ 12:30 Tuesday. I do responded to all messages and emails

@David Weir  

 thanks for your response. I had also called your office during one of my visits in May and received no call back but i appreciate you responding now.

Thank you @David Stott  and @Mark Del Grosso  

Allan Roscetti at 716-282-1242. He does all mine.

@Diana K. 

If it is any help We, like @David Stott, We also used Ambar on a commercial purchase and can say he is very thorough.

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