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Wanted to give a shout to all my Indy friends,

I will be in Indianapolis on the week of January 11 to January 16. Would love to meet all of my BP friends and even those of you whom we still have not connected. Please reach out and I would love to meet you while there :)

Also: is there any REIC meeting schedule for that week? If not, can we just have one? What would it take to set up a BP meeting for that week? It can even be a non formal get together in a bar - restaurant type of set up. Hope we can make this happen. 

Looking forward to speaking with you and meeting you!

Welcome to Indiana (shortly that is) think you may like your CA weather better, lol

Yep. We are in the 50's now and will be back to 70's on Sunday :) Still very much looking forward to come to Indy!

@Guy Raveh  I'm looking forward to finally meeting you face to face.

I'll be available after the 14th.

@Guy Raveh  There is an INREIA meeting on Tuesday evening of the week you are in.  There are many Indy BP members that attend this meeting.  This is not an inclusive BP meeting but it is a good place to network.

Hey Guy, I'll see what my schedule looks like for the INREIA meeting. Maybe drinks afterwards at the minimum. Definitely can meet up while you are here! Looking forward to it.


I am happy to meet with you and discuss the Indianapolis market, especially from a legal perceptive, as well as broker/investor insights.

Feel free to contact me. I look forward to meeting you.

@Lee Smith  sounds good looking forward to meeting you! 

@Jynell Berkshire  Will give you a call later on today or tomorrow. Looking forward to speaking with you!

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