?Electrician in Phoenix, Arizona area wanted

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Hello all, I own a condo built in 1959 that has a stablok electrical panel that acts up and is sometimes hard for my tenant to reset the breakers when they trip.  I assume the panel is original to the condo and I would like recommendations for an electrician to replace the panel.  Ideally, I'd prefer a one man shop electrician that has been in the field for a while.   I was hoping another local real estate investor has a go to electrician that they trust and would recommend.  Worst case scenario I will use Yelp, Angie's list, or something of the sort to one, but I thought I would try here first. 

Thanks in advance!


@Sean Kruger  

Smartway Electric - 602-708-6689

Speak with Angel or Victor.  I have used them many times, they do a great job.

Oooooohhhh. That area. Stablock panel. Hopefully it's not aluminum wiring.

Home Depot has many contractors hanging in the lot.

@Heath Schollenberger I wI'll give a call tomorrow 

@Kelley B.  my understanding is that aluminum wiring was a late 60s to earely 70s "improvement ", but I could be mistaken 

@Sean Kruger and good luck. Arizona is/was the wild wild west and I have seen some crazy things in 50s-60s construction and remodels.

@Sean Kruger  Allen, Roadrunner Electric (480) 560-5580 He is a man shop, he's old school and he's the only electrician I ever call so please don't abuse him. 

Wayne Berg,  Berg Electric   480-888-9500  or  480-229-7273.

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