Looking for a Realtor in Nashville TN with a focus in real estate investing

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Hello everyone!  I am new to the BiggerPockets Forums but have spent the past few months reading the site and listening to the podcasts.  I have consistently heard that if I have a question or need, this is the first place to start.

I am looking for a recommendation on a Realtor in the Nashville TN  area that works primarily with real estate investors.  We have a couple of properties and are ready to take our next step in our investing journey.  We have some specific things we are looking for and are looking for some assistance.  Any help with a great contact would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


@Bryan L.  Is a investor and a Realtor. He would probably be a good fit. 

I better get in here before 100 other people jump in. 

Rather than tell you how great my company is or how I deliver good service let me tell you a little about myself.

I work 100% with real estate investors and I also invest myself in Rehabs, Wholesaling, and Rental property.

I have been investing since 2008

I am a member of several Investing clubs and groups.

I am not saying you should work with me but if what you are looking for assistance it's probably best to work with someone who is a serious investor and knows investing. 

I know a lot of Realtors claim to know investing but many don't own any investment property, have never done a flip, and are not members of REIN, Bigger Pockets or any other investment group. Kinda makes you wonder doesn't it?

I would recommend Carol Plemmons of Exit Realty.  I met her through the local real estate investing group and she has been very helpful with her knowledge of the unique areas of Nashville.

Good luck!  I hope we meet up at one of the meetings in the future.  www.reintn.org

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