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I am aware of the meet up in Wyoming, however is their any in Kalamazoo, or Battle Creek? Would their be enough interest to start one in Kalamazoo? Let me know if it interests you?

I am interested in a Kzoo meetup. 

I would do my best to attend a Kalamazoo MeetUp.

I would make it. I'm sure those from Battle Creek would be interested as well. 

ok...we have 3 people comitted...it almost sounds like a party...ha ha how about we meet at my new aquisition as soon as i buy the paint doors and windows i need replaced...I will even buy the beer, just bring your tools...we can do it on a Saterday from say 9am - 5pm...what do you think??? (I am being sarcastic!!)

I encourage you to get this started now. When I started the one in Grand Rapids / Wyoming MI I started it with about 6 people at a Panera Bread. Every month it got bigger and bigger. Here we are going on almost 2 years and have almost 300 members on meetup.com. It's a build it and they will come scenario :)

There is the Kalamazoo Area Rental Housing Association that meets every 4th Tuesday of the month here in Kalamazoo at Theo & Stacy's by the airport if anyone is interested in that as well. They are affiliated with the Rental Property Owner's Association in Grand Rapids.

I would be interested in a Kalamazoo meetup as well as that though

Good people there @Curtis Merrick  , I learn something new every time I go to a meeting.

The advantage to having a new group would be a fresh perspective without some of the normal constraints of a long-standing club. Plus, it would broaden the topics to more than rentals (though the KARHA group does sometimes talk about other REI strategies).

There's a Panera on West Main just off of 131. Could that be a good location for a handful of us to meet up?

I'd be interested in attending a kzoo meetup.

Count me in as well, as long as I can swing it with my schedule.

@Josiah Swartz   - Panera is a good spot for up to 10 people, so that's probably a good bet, unless someone else has a better spot in mind?

Panera Bread would work for me...when is a good day to try and set it up for? I am pretty open as far a schedule. Lunch would also work.

I see this thread is a year old. Did you guys ever get a group together? I'm in Paw Paw and was curious. Been looking. KARHA is great, But im not as interested in rentals as much, lower end flips and rehabs , have most of my interest.

@Account Closed We meet the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm at Panera on West Main. So May 3 is our next meetup. Hope to see you there!

Thanks for the update. If my wife's surgery doesn't conflict.  I will make it. Been at U OF M all week. Bronson week before. Looking forward to networking and like minded folks. Thanks Ken Daniels 

Hey whats up guys?? i know this is a little not the issue here but this is the only Michigan group i found..

I am looking for leads in Oak park Mi Zip 48237.

any ideas where should i start?

appreciate all and thanks a lot!!!! :)


I'm just finishing up on selling a listing on Sussex in Oak Park. Are you looking for cash flos ow flip opportunities? 

Ps, I'm also an agent and can set up email lists from the MLS if, you'd like

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